What to watch out for when using folding tents

The use of folding tents is very wide,and many units,companies,and individuals will buy folding tents.After the folding tent is bought back,what needs to be noted in the specific use process? In many cases,it is due to improper use of the damage caused,so let Xiaobian for your detailed listing,in accordance with the following methods to care for it,then your folding tent will be able to accompany you for a longer time. Folding tents-PARKnSHOP folding tents Folding tents-PARKnSHOP Folding tents First of all,you must not use tools such as sharp blades to open cartons.There are many customers who report that the tent fabric is damaged and that after the inspection,noticeable scratches can be found.Because the folding tent is in the packaging process,the shelf is placed underneath,and the fabric is placed on the top,so it is very easy to tear the cloth with a blade to open the carton.So you must not use the blade to open,it is good to use the pen tip or key. The second point,it is very important that the installation steps after opening the tent should be carried out in order.If you are too lazy to read the manual,you can go directly to the Internet to search for"folding tent installation instructions",find the appropriate video software,watch for a while,immediately know how to install.Incorrect installation steps are also very easy to cause damage to the tent.This requires the cooperation of two people. In the third point,it is absolutely necessary to keep the folding tent in a bad environment.When you know that strong winds are coming,please fold the folding tents in advance so that you can better protect the tents,and you can avoid damage to others caused by the scattered brackets. In particular,the larger the size of the tent,the more it needs to be removed,and the greater the size of the tent,the greater the windiness.
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What to watch out for when using folding tents
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